Week 29: Events from the Innovation Village to attend this week

A number of insightful events from the Innovation Village are lined up for you to catch this week as you learn, collaborate and create with a community of like-minded people.

Table of Contents


The Innovation Village: Business Foundation


The Innovation Village: Corporate Innovation Webinar – 3:30 pm

Business Foundation

Marketing session – 2 to 3pm

Financial literacy training – 10am


The Innovation Village: Business Foundation

Founder’s Lab – 4pm

Mentorship program business mentor – 2pm


The Innovation Village: Leadership management – 11am to 1pm

Business Clinic – 4pm to 5pm

Innovators-in-residence program – 2pm

(Twitter Space hosted by @WesleyKambale) Consumer confidence with online shops – 8 to 9pm

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Twitter Space hosted by Outbox Edu ‘Strategic freelancing for software developers’ – 9:00 pm

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