Here are some easy iPhone and iPad shortcuts for you to use

Since the debut of Shortcuts on iOS 12, they’ve been quite popular because they are a fast way to complete one or more tasks in your apps. With iPhone and iPad shortcuts you can combine actions to make shortcuts that connect with apps and content on your device, as well as content on the internet. The Shortcuts app that was introduced with the launch of iOS 13 allows you to make your own shortcuts with different steps.

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A list of some iPhone and iPad shortcuts

Photos ToolKit

This shortcut will let you tinker around with your pictures and turn them into real works of art. With PhotosToolKit, you can resize your images, combine them into a collage, rotate them, make a gif from a video or a live photo, and overlay an image over another one.

Apple Frames

Apple Frames lets you put physical device frames around your screenshots taken on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and other devices. With the latest version of Apple Frames, you’ll be able to frame screenshots for the iPhone SE (in portrait), iPhone 12 (portrait and landscape), and iPhone 12 Pro (portrait and landscape). You can select multiple images at once to create a composite image of multiple devices; at the end of the shortcut, you’ll be presented with a number of options to preview the framed image, copy it, or save it.

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YouTube PiP

If you want to be able to watch YouTube in Picture in Picture mode on the iPhone, this is the app for you. You have to download an app called Scriptable to use this shortcut. When you run YouTube PiP through the Share Sheet, it will open a YouTube video in a floating window. You can also control playback speed, quickly jump forward or backward in a video, and support for light and dark theme.

Music Finder

Shazam is used to identify songs that are playing near you but these songs are usually saved to Apple Music. This could be inconveniencing if you’re using any other music playing app like Spotify. This Shortcut uses Shazam to recognize a song then it will ask you which music streaming service you want to use to play that song or download it.

Make PDF

The Make PDF is quite easy as it turns documents and webpages into PDFs.

Dictate to Notes

This shortcut helps you take note of your thoughts instantly. Dictate to Notes allows you to dictate with your voice to create a New Note in the Notes App.

Set AirPlay

Set AirPlay makes switching between your iPhone and other AirPlay devices simpler, saving you some few taps if you need to switch sources quickly.

URL Shortener

Just like other URL shorteners that you might know, this shortcut helps you make that really long url much shorter and more appealing. It is located in the Share Sheet, so all you have to do when viewing a website is to choose the Shorten URL option, and it will create a short URL. You can also copy a link and run it from the Shortcuts app, which will shorten the most recently copied URL.

Getting some of these iPhone and iPad shortcuts can be a bit technical, but after you get them, it gets easier for you to do your tasks.

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