Application for movement stickers for essential workers will be done online

In a move to restrict gathering of people while ably providing services, the covid taskforce in partnership with the Ministry of Works and Transport has revealed the steps to follow during the application for movement stickers. Essential workers can apply for travel clearance during the total lockdown online. The process is now automated which ensures convenience and avoids gathering of people.

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During the President’s address on Friday, only those working in a few sectors that the President termed as essential were cleared to keep moving during the lockdown. However, they will need travel permits/stickers to be allowed by authorities who are enforcing the SOPs.

Here is the process on how to apply for a movement sticker online.

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Steps involved in the application for movement stickers Credit: sussiekats via
  1. Interested entities will apply for a travel permit by sending an email to the Ministry of Works and Transport at [email protected]
  2. The entity must attach a scanned copy on its headed paper with the full address (contacts and physical address) and submit it to [email protected]
  3. The Ministry sends login credentials to the applicant (entity) that permits the entity to apply online on
  4. The entity must submit the vehicle details as per the application form on including, the names and NIN of the driver, names and NIN of the workers too and must not be more than 10% as per the Presidential directive.
  5. Every applicant must belong to a vehicle.
  6. The Ministry shall capture the vehicle details into the system and a QR code together with the application no. shall be generated on the clearance form.
  7. The Ministry shall approve or reject the application and the entity shall download the clearance form from using the provided login credentials.

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Further requirements for application for movement stickers

The Head of Communications at the Ministry of Works and Transport communicated on Twitter where she said that the process is quick and emphasized the need to pay attention to the email address that people send their requests to.

Following this announcement, further directives were given in regards to movements for those working in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

The MDAs should try their level best to minimize staff to the required 10% in accordance with the President’s directives.

Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Agencies shall submit lists of the 10% staffing levels for their respective MDAs to the Ministry of Works and Transport through the online application for issuance of permissions.

The permission shall be strictly used for movement from home to office and back within the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area.

Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Agencies are advised to allow officers to work from home and only go to the office if their physical presence is required.

Permanent Secretaries have been asked to be very careful in regards to information they give the Ministry as they will be held responsible for any false information shared.

How to verify your movement pass

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At the end of the application process, the Ministry of Works informs the public that the application could be approved or rejected. However, waiting could take forever especially with lingering suspense. Here is a way to verify your movement pass in the meantime. Go to text SMS and type the car registration number for example UAB 777S and send it to 6120 via any telecom network at no charge.

You will receive a message that returns the Vehicle No. and status (cleared/rejected). If you are using a smartphone, scan the QR code which will return the vehicle’s details, its validity and entity.

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