How to renew a driving license in Uganda

With the lockdown partially lifted, there is more access to essential services. One of the most pressing needs can be the need to renew your driving license. We cover the process of how to renew a driving license in Uganda. The government recently announced through the Ministry of Works and Transport that those whose driving permits had expired have up to September 1st to renew them.

The State Minister for transport Fred Byamukama says that this has been done in response to the lifting of the 42-day lockdown which had led to the temporary closure of the Uganda Security Printing Company, the agency in charge of issuing driving permits.

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Here are steps on how to renew a driving license in Uganda.

ValidityPrice (UGX)
5 years310,000
3 years210,000
1 year130,000

The mandatory documents you will need for this process:

  • Expired licence (original copy)
  • Valid national ID (original copy)
  • Valid passport for foreigners (original copy)
  • Refugee card for refugees (original copy)
  • Proof of payment (payment registration number)
  • Duly filled medical form (optional)

Go to this link to fill in the application form for renewing a driving license:


1) Go to the URA Portal to generate the Renewal assessment form.

2) Go to the bank (of your choice) and pay appropriate fees(UGX 310,000/UGX 210,000/UGX 130,000) to your URA account (the bank will provide the account number) or you can pay through your prefered mobile money service, MTN mobile money/Airtel money

3) Go to the UDLS Offices with the bank receipt [of (ii) above], together with your existing licence (the one you want to renew, if in case you lost it, please go to the procedure for Duplicate).

4) UDLS will issue the renewed licence

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How to obtain an assessment form

  • Go to your browser, search for the URA website
  • When on the URA website, click on eServices
  • On the eServices page, under Payments, click on Payment Registration
  • On the Payment registration page, select NTR under the Tax Head section and fill in the Taxpayer Details
  • Select your preferred NTR head under the Details of NTR section.
  • At the bottom, select your preferred payment option.
  • When you are done with filling the form, click accept and register.
  • Download and print the form. After this, you can make a payment in any bank, mobile money or PayWay

Go to this link for more details on how to generate an assessment form:

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