All the events of this week in tech you might have missed out on.

As we kick off the new week, here is a small throwback to the things that made tech headlines in the past week. From tech career opportunities to the latest updates for some of your favorite applications, here is what you might have missed out on. Without wasting anymore time, let’s head straight into some interesting events of this week in tech.

Kenyans invent a robotic arm, a life-changing creation for people with disabilities.

Two self taught engineers in Kenya have invented a bio-robotic arm that eases the day to day activities of people living with disabilities. The brilliant creation is powered by brain signals.

5 hidden features on Android that you should try out now.

Android Split Screen New AH

Android OS is the most popular operating system with 8 out of 10 smartphone users having it on their devices. Here are a few hidden features you probably didn’t expect on Android like enabling a split-screen and much more.

Uganda Police to establish a biometric system worth Shs15.2 billion.

AIGP Edward Ochom, the Police Director in charge of Operations said that the Uganda Police will need about UGX15.2 billion to acquire the Criminal Automated Biometric Identification System (CABIS) throughout the country. Biometric systems have become reliable because of their great accuracy when it comes to identifying individuals.

Sources reveal second Uganda Airbus is finally on its way.

After the delivery date of 25th January was postponed as a result of the internet shutdown, sources reveal that the second Uganda Airbus could arrive on February 6th as officials from Uganda Airlines and Uganda Aviation Authority will travel soon to officiate the handover.

The Refactory program offers great opportunities to boost your tech career, apply now.

Refactory Ug is hiring a a Senior Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/ID) Engineer or Software Engineer that is conversant with with CI/ID Concepts to facilitate the CI/ID Module on the company’s Bootcamp program. It also offers a 3 step program that people can apply for to get tech skills preparing them for the working world.

New Telegram feature lets you move chats from other messaging apps to Telegram.

If you have downloaded the latest Telegram update well here’s some exciting news for you. You will now be able to move chats from messaging apps like WhatsApp into Telegram, this way you don’t have to worry about losing all your texts when you delete your account from another app.

Google is investing in Kenya through launch of $10 million funding.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai in a meeting with H.E Uhuru Kenyatta anounced that Google will invest $10 million for the economic recovery of Kenya from the catastrophic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. This investment will provide for tech start-ups in the country, small business loans and local non-profit organisations.

SafeBoda launches Safe Health campaign to improve access to medical care products.

Safe Health Campaign

SafeBoda in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Rocket Health launched the Safe Health Campaign that aims at increasing access of a wide range of health care products to people from a number of pharmacies around Kampala.

The best gadgets students need for online classes.

Every student needs one of these gadgets for a smooth experience throughout their online classes.

Universities to continue with e-learning studies says Ministry of Education.

After some universities expressed readiness to reopen campus for all students, the National Council for Higher Education released a statement in response to this saying that the Ministry of Education advises that e-learning continues. The statement further explained that currently, the government does not have a proper plan for schools and Universities to contain all students while limiting the spread of the virus.

Effects of the internet shutdown on government hit worse than private sector.

As businesses cried about the losses they had made after the temporary restoration of the internet on 18th January, no one could have imagined that the government’s own directive would affect it this much. Government was hit much worse than the private sector as salaries and pensions could not be paid, and even a loss in taxes as tax payers could not file returns.

WhatsApp posts status to reassure users about new privacy update.

WhatsApp posts status

The Facebook-owned app that is still feeling the heat since the day it announced its planned privacy policy update recently posted on its own status. The post as you’d guess of course was more information clarifying that the new terms and conditions for the app’s privacy policy will not affect user data.

The future of Makerere University e-learning still uncertain as students prepare to report.

The University that is well known for abruptly changing programs is released the revised calendar for its new academic year. However, due to a number of factors many are confused as to whether the e-learning studies will be part of the new academic year program.

The Innovation village teams up with CIT to provide practical skills in software development.

The opportunity is here for you to get training in software development courtesy of The Innovation Village in partnership with CIT. The training targets students who seeks to improve their skills and will run for 20 weeks. Make sure you apply before 5th February 2021.

Showmax Uganda launches exciting 3 for 1 offer.

The popular streaming service recently launched its 3 for 1 offer. How to activate the offer is quite simple, you pay for subscription for a month and get two extra months free.

List of top ten richest people in Africa

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We listed the top ten richest people in Africa and took a deep dive into their lives and the investments they own. In addition, we highlighted the billionaires who have generated their fortune from investments in technology.

11 Zoom tricks for that extraordinary Zoom experience.

The Zoom app has become quite popular for online classes and meetings. Don’t settle for an ordinary experience with this application yet you can explore more tricks for a whole new experience like creating a virtual background, enjoying unlimited time on the app, setting meeting reminders so you never have to miss a meeting and so much more.

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